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Iron Boost

Iron Boost

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Iron Deficiency occurs when there is reduced or lack of mineral iron in the body which results in symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, restless legs and more.

Crafted in collaboration with a Regulated Naturopathic Doctor, this wellness blend consists of natural ingredients that can aid in promoting an increase of iron levels.

Brew Type

You can serve this tea both hot or as an iced tea.

Brew Notes

Herbal and Citrus

Brew Instructions

Brew 1 - 2 tsp (per taste) per cup for 2 minutes

Bonus Tip: You can re-use your brew infusion for up to 2 times!


Organic Nettle Leaf, Moringa Leaves, Organic Rosehips, Organic Dandelion Root, Organic Burdock Root, Organic Yellow Dock

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