Venya Teas: Take a Sip of Positivitea

Teas made with love.

Venya means 'lovable'or'wished for'. For the times when you wish you had a nice, warm or iced, soothing cup of tea, we want to be there with the teas you'll love.

From the Tea Plantations of India, to the experts that have perfected ancient secret recipes for the most authentic cup of chai, to world renowned Tea Sommeliers, we're leaving no corner unturned, to bring you the perfect cup of tea.

We never compromise on quality or taste. A female owned company, based in the Greater Toronto Area, all our teas and tisanes are handcrafted with the finest ingredients, made in small batches for maximum freshness and always made with love.

Teas worth craving!

Whether you are in the mood for a mellow herbal blend or a caffienated punchy tea, we've got you!

Handglazed Tea Cup Gift Sets

Not quite sure what to get for the tea addict in your life? We get it, it's a difficult choice! Introducing our all new hand artisinal-glazed stone-tea cup sets.

  • We believe that consumers have the right to know about the sustainable environmental practices formed by tea plantations and companies, followed by where their ingredients come from, and the roles that each of these units play in creating a positive impact for tea farmers for generations to come. That is why we only work with partners that have the same values we do in promoting fair trade, eco-friendly practices, and sustainable development.