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    Blends made for wellness, health and pure joy!

Blends made for wellness, health and pure joy!

Take a sip of positivitea

Venya means 'lovable' or 'wished for'. For the times when you wish you had a nice, warm or iced, soothing cup of tea, we want to be there with the teas you'll love.

From the Tea Plantations of India, to the experts that have perfected ancient secret recipes for the most authentic cup of chai, to world renowned Tea Sommeliers, we're leaving no corner unturned, to bring you the perfect cup of tea.

We never compromise on quality or taste. All our teas and tisanes are handcrafted with the finest ingredients, made in small batches for maximum freshness and made with love.

About Us

Introducing Bliss: A Limited Edition Valentines Day Blend

If we could capture what love, bliss, warm hugs, and happiness means inside a beverage, this would be it. This beautiful blend, made with a combination of black tea, mallow flowers and sugar hearts is a pure ode to celebrations and good times.


Rich and flavourful.

"I did not realize that teas can be so rich and flavourful in taste. I look forward to my cup of Venya Tea every day!"

Ashok K.

I am in love.

"Love, love, love the teas. Great flavours, excellent customer service. I would not hesitate to recommend Venya Teas to anyone. "

Elizabeth R.

Your passion comes through.

"Venya Teas, we are so glad to have found you. Your love and and passion for teas shows in every conversation we have ever had. Keep doing great things!"

Linda and Harsh S.

Can't pick one favourite.

"Incredible flavours. I can't decide which one is my favourite. "

Juliet H.

Check out our Wellness Blends!

Designed exclusively with your health in mind and proudly crafted in collaboration with a Regulated Naturopathic Doctor, the wait for organic, tasty and fresh blends is over!


Our Core Principles

We believe that consumers have the right to know about the sustainable environmental practices formed by tea plantations and companies, followed by where their ingredients come from, and the roles that each of these units play in creating a positive impact for tea farmers for generations to come. 

That is why we only work with partners that have the same values we do in promoting fair trade, eco-friendly practices, and sustainable development.