Friends and Mentors

Some of our recipes were curated by professionals in the world of tisanes, herbal drinks and world renowned Tea Sommeliers.

We would not be here without them and cannot thank them enough for their friendship and mentorship. 

World Renowned Tea Sommelier: Sanjay Guha

As you've seen on our catalog, Sanjay helped curate three of our special wellness blends. Based out of the UK, Sanjay has worked in the tea space for over 40 years and has worked with some of the largest tea brands. 

Sanjay combines his knowledge of the science of tea planting with his expertise of tea demographics, benefits of every ingredient and the science behind the make up of a perfect brew with every recipe.

Acting as our mentor, Sanjay has been with us from the very start, helping guide us to make sure we bring you the best.