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Harmony Tea

Harmony Tea

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Harmony is a balance of the world's two most famous black teas. A blend of both Assam and Darjeeling procured from tea plantations in India, this tea is the best of both worlds!

This blend makes for a light, aromatic and decadent cup. It's perfect as a breakfast blend or afternoon pick-me-up but we recommend any time of the day!


Brew Type

You can serve this tea both hot or as an iced tea. Add milk and sugar as per your liking.

Bonus tip: Add a hint of citrus for iced tea!

Brew Notes

Earthy and nutty.

Brew Instructions

Brew 1 - 2 tsp (per taste) per cup for 2 minutes


Assam Loose Leaf Tea, Darjeeling Loose Leaf Tea

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