Why Loose Leaf Tea

Why Loose Leaf Tea

We've heard this question time and time again - why loose leaf tea over tea bags

First, let's get into the obvious question - what is the difference between loose leaf and tea bag tea?

Loose leaf tea, simply is just loose tea! It is essentially tea leaves sometimes mixed with other ingredients which is not pre-packaged into tea bags, like what we typically see at grocery stores. Loose leaf tea is made up of higher quality tea leaves and ingredients compared to tea bags, which is why it is recommended as a go to choice.

Tea bags generally are known to contain lower grade tea which sometimes is also referred to as tea dust. Tea leaves go through many rolling processes, so once picked, oxidized, cut and sifted, what's left makes it way into tea bags. While this may be changing, the quality difference is still very apparent.

Does this mean that you're stuck trying to figure out how to brew loose leaf tea? After all, tea bags are so much simpler! The answer? Not at all! 

Loose leaf tea doesn't have to be daunting to brew at all. You can use an infuser or your very own disposable tea bags to steep your favourite blend, which you can get anywhere. Simply put your tea leaves in the infuser or tea bag and place it in your cup before pouring your hot water, and enjoy a high quality taste experience.

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