About Us

Venya: Sip of positivitea

For the times when you wish you had a nice, warm or iced, soothing cup of tea in hand.

For the first sip in the morning that gets you ready for the day.

For all those memories and conversations we cherish with a cup of tea in hand.

We want to be there for you! A female owned local business, we started with one goal in mind - to bring you the best flavours in teas and herbal blends.

Venya is a Sanskrit word that means lovable or wished for. Our mission is to curate a line up of teas and tisanes for wellness, health and joy.

Our love for teas and tisanes goes back to our Grandparents. They would always have a range of herbs in the kitchen and were able to craft the perfect cup, whether it was to boost immunity, alleviate aches and pains, help with digestion or just a simple pick me up.

We hope to share this passion that has been in our family for generations with you.

From the Tea Plantations of India to world renowned Tea Sommeliers, we're leaving no corner unturned, to bring you the best in blends.

All our teas and tisanes are handcrafted in small batches with the finest ingredients and are always made with love.